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I saw you guys in the Sheppard Air Force Base Airmans Club in 1983. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, the only bad part was when one of the crew got burnt in the face by a flash pot that misfired. I have loved the music every since!
I've been a fan from the first time I seen the High in High School video. I would love to see you live. I will keep looking for show announcements.
OMX !!!! Absolutely exciting the band is back together again! The 4 of you & the world are so blessed with this 'resurrection'. We are so fortunate that you share your tremendous talents with us again, on this 'monstrous' new release. On behalf of all melodic-metal fans still out here, please accept this heartfelt THANK YOU. Bret - You are in a very exclusive group of few singers that still have a great voice that transcends time. Your vocals didn't require improvement, yet sound more impressive, like a fine wine that's gotten better. 'Bravo Bret' or 'Bring It Bret!, or 'Killin It Kaiser'. LOL "a few years ago" I use to catch Madam X at Rockers at every oppty. Maxine - Amazing to hear your playing prowess again, love your phrasing of songs, and wish I could play half as good as you! Wish there was a tab book or you could show us 'how to play' your songs on youtube. Excellent solo cd; a tease for our taste buds that kept us wanting 'Maximum Maxine', that 'Petrucci Prowess', or 'Passionate Petrucci' . . Roxy - Words aren't sufficient. You are absolutely and undeniably one of THE best drummers in the biz, regardless of gender, In a league with Alex Van Halen, whom shameless critics egregiously underrate also. Your rhythms are so tribal, tantric, a primal pounding on percussion prompting a pelvic-pushing panamonia like a mating call! The answer to the question in 'freak parade' is "yes! I can feel you. History knows 'Rosy the Riveter', how about 'Roxy the Ravishing Ripper'! Chris - It's not the eggs; it's your ground-trembling, earth-shaking, percussive-punch that makes everyone's hair stand up!! You have a nickname - and Godzilla is so fitting to your monstrous delivery, balls-out busting it on bass, 'Dangerous Doliber' . . PLEEEAZE TOUR ! (start with Phx) Roxy, see you with Vixen at BLK Live in June. Thank you, Tim Wagner
Love your new album.. I hope to meet you on the ship to rock´n´roll paradise 2018!!
It's already summer of 2016... what happened to the new record? It's been over a year since you announced it?
Glad to see you guys back.....We Reserve The Right is one of my favorite albums from the 80's, beginning to end a way underrated record. Where's the new music?
New album will rock, first band I saw leagally was at Hamerheads on mill in '89, guess who that was. The ladies are the most beautiful in rock,no shit, Chris is monster 4 string and Brett came into the North Phoenix Home Depot with his son and I'll be damned, I helped him.
I always liked this band, beer drinking, kick ass rock and roll. Bret friggin rocks.
would like to see you play in terre haute or Evansville Indiana,or indinapolis and make it a meet and greet that would be nice I've never heard much of your music but was searching and ran across it and seen a video from sweeden with W.A.S.p I do believe
I saw you live in Killeen Tx a long time ago. Still one of the best shows I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. Keep on rocking hard.
Please come and play in tampa bay area in florida!!! We have many smaller awesome venues to play etc.Janis live, st pete the ritz ybor city, straz center, tampa. But please not largo cultural center in largo roxy!!! I saw you with vixen there and it's too small and out of the way for a rockin show. See you with either band in tampa soon I hope!!!
I knew Maxine and Roxy here in Rio de Janeiro at Rio de Janeiro Federal University and in Cabo Frio, they told me they were from Madam X and this excited-me. But only now i am hearing your songs. And watching the Madam X videos and all family bands (Vixen, Titania, Maxine Petrucci, Contraband, Bubble, Femme Fatalle and more). You're the best, i don't hear non-brazillian band but now i do it. Yesterday i burned a Sweden Rock Festival 2014 dvd-r videos. Hope one day you come here in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and do a big show to us, we love you, we would love to be like you, big hair, colored, crazy, best musicians and wild friends! Congrats friends, love you like a hurricane and bye bye!
I am so glad that you're back! I remember back in 84 when I bought your album, at the age of 12-13 years old, I was amazed and an instant fan. Through all these years, I've been pulling out your album a givin it a spin many times. I've been hoping for a reunion too, now it's here, all I can say is - come to Denmark and Rock out! Madam, I'm X'ed :-)
Great band! Hope to see you again soon!
One of the greatest bands of ALL time!! Pure face melting ROCK!!! Welcome back my friends!!!
great to see!!! Shalom Yall!!!



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